Celebs unite for a timely message: Vote!

The star power lavished on this campaign would turn any marketer green with envy. But no one is selling beer, laundry detergent or a better mousetrap.

These celebrities have come together to urge you to do one thing you should be doing anyway: vote:

What do you care about? Is it gun control? Justice for sexual assault victims? Healthcare? Mental health? Reproductive rights? Immigration?

Whatever tugs your cord, #VoteYourFuture has it covered. The nonpartisan initiative is a passion project from Anonymous Content CEO Steve Golin, who hopes to boost electoral participation this critical year.

The campaign kicks off with a general appeal video, not unlike ones you’ve seen before. The difference here is the diversity of deeply private why’s that infuse causes with meaning. In one emotional moment, Wilmer Valderrama says, “Our community comes here, waves a flag like everybody else—in unity. We take the jobs that people assume don’t exist … And somehow we’re taking those jobs from people.” His voice breaks.

You can tell from that brief description that you’re not going to see a lot of conservative concerns aired in this ad. No one is saying what they care most about is the Second Amendment, or illegal immigration. What do you expect? These people are from Hollywood.

And some of the would-be-profound things these folks say might make you go “huh?” For instance, what does Martin Sheen mean when he says, “One heart with courage is a majority.” Really? In what sense?

But they do have one nonpartisan message, which one of them articulates directly: “If you agree with me, vote. Even if you disagree with me, vote.”

And most of us should be able to agree with that