Happy endings for Adler and Rosemary!

Well, ADCO’s Christmas season ended on several happy notes.

First, we got some very nice, complimentary messages from clients who very much appreciated our gesture of honoring them by sponsoring a couple of pets at Pawmetto Lifeline.

Then, even better, both of our sponsored pets were adopted before the holidays were over!

Before Christmas had even arrived, we received this message from Pawmetto Lifeline:

Guess what?! Rosemary has been adopted! See attached photo! They are a fantastic family who were thrilled when they found out that the kitten they fell in love with was sponsored. They adore little Rosemary. THANK YOU!

Then, on New Year’s Eve, we got this news:

The gentleman who adopted Adler fell in LOVE with his photo online and came here from Rock Hill to meet him. He is so grateful for your help!

That’s the gentleman in question above, happily posing with Adler. And Rosemary is pictured below, being held by our own Steve Sperling on the day we picked her out.

We hope you had a wonderful holiday. We certainly did!

Rosemary warms up to Steve, for the moment.