Matthew McConaughey, creative director

If you’re enough of a star, you can get any gig you want. Here’s one star’s latest:

They’re not joking:

Add advertising maestro to Mr. McConaughey’s résumé.

Mr. McConaughey — Oscar winner, Texan, renowned bongo player — has signed a contract with Gruppo Campari, the premium spirits company, to serve as creative director for Wild Turkey bourbon. The multiyear deal goes far beyond pitching a product, as Mr. McConaughey has recently done for Lincoln. This time, in addition to appearing on camera, he will write and direct the spots. He has also involved himself in recording music for the campaign, which will be introduced in September.

He will also appear in an online documentary about the history of the 161­yearold brand and will have a say in how Wild Turkey bottles are photographed for still ads. Moreover, Campari wants his take on developing new Wild Turkey products, with a Matthew McConaughey­branded bourbon as a possibility, he said….

For your next marketing effort, you could decide to hire the actor who is famous for his convincing observations about demographics.

And good luck with that.

Or you could go with ADCO. Our creative director, Brian Murrell, actually does it for a living. And does it quite well, as we’ll be happy to demonstrate…