Hobcaw Barony

Hobcaw Barony is an extraordinary place that defies quick and easy description.

It has existed since King George I granted the land to one of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina in 1718. It became the winter home of one of the biggest movers and shakers of the 20th century, Bernard Baruch. His daughter, Belle, left it to a foundation that maintains the land in its unspoiled state, and hosts universities that do unparalleled ecological research.

People are astounded when they learn about Hobcaw. The Belle W. Baruch Foundation wants more people to be astounded. That means restoring the property to its condition when the Baruchs lived here. That will take funding.

So, the foundation hired ADCO to help tell its story to potential donors. From a video about the Barony through leave-behind materials, we have provided the help the foundation needs to move forward.