ADCO’s Lora Prill named to board of East Point Academy

Jun 10

AIGA Leadership Retreat was awesome!

Every year, AIGA, the professional association for design, holds a Leadership Retreat where representatives from each chapter get a chance to come together to share best practices, participate in fun leadership activities, meet lots of new people, and generally have a lot of fun. As the incoming president for the... read more →
Jun 03

branding campaign for columbia

I promised last week that I would give you all more information on our highly publicized branding / marketing work with the Midlands Authority for Conventions, Sports & Tourism. And since I gave you my word, here I am--ready to spill it. Last month ADCO was selected to work with... read more →
May 30

feng shui your life

Have you ever stepped into someone else’s home or office and felt uncomfortable because there was so much clutter? I often feel this way at Cracker Barrel and Applebee’s. A walk through one of these restaurants makes me long for Feng Shui, the study and theory around eliminating clutter. Feng... read more →
May 27

making news

ADCO was mentioned on the front page of The State paper Saturday morning. The article recognized our soon-to-begin branding work with the Midlands Authority for Convention, Sports, and Tourism. Here's a link to the online version of the article. More on this important project soon!
May 23

soundtrack to your life?

Have you ever wished that your life were like those in the movies? Or thought it would be cool if your life had a soundtrack to it? Well, now that dream is coming closer and closer to becoming reality with iPod’s latest invention, SynchStep. This new application blends the devices'... read more →
May 19

the digital billboard debate

Slowly but surely digital billboards are growing in popularity. Even though these billboards are extremely expensive, are allowed in only 38 states, and only account for about 700 of the 450,000 billboards around the US, they are predicted to be a $2 billion market by 2010. Despite their growth, digital... read more →
May 05
Apr 28

AIGA Stefan Sagmeister event a huge success!

Last Tuesday night's Stefan Sagmeister event was HUGE! I am still coming off a high from the excitement and success of the event. Number one, we had an amazingly talented speaker, fellow graphic designer, Stefan Sagmeister (who the AIGA board now lovingly refers to as "Saggy"). Everyone who attended was... read more →
Apr 22

SC AIGA presents Stefan Sagmeister

At ADCO, we love the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). And we don't mean just a little bit. We mean, we're really involved. Our art director, Jennifer McSwain is the Membership Chair, and one of our graphic designers, Janie Williamson, is the Secretary. So let's just say that we're... read more →
Apr 01

The AD Company is now ADCO

You’ve been calling us ADCO for years. I mean, with our old logo just saying “AD Co,” even when our full name was The AD Company, it’s natural that you would call us…well…ADCO. And now it feels natural to be joining you. We’re still the same great group of marketing... read more →