ADCO’s Lora Prill named to board of East Point Academy

Jul 28
Jun 07

Lauren represents ADCO and the Midlands in St. Louis

Where in the world was Lauren McAlexander last week? Well, you may conclude that she was at McDonald’s, going by the vertical photo below and to the right (because you’re thinking that since it’s in portrait mode, you can’t see the other arch, which is off to the left). But... read more →
Apr 03
Feb 27
Feb 09
Nov 21
Nov 14

Let’s all thank Lauren for her service

President Biden has told us that Nov. 8 -- Election Day 2022 -- was "a good day for democracy." And you know whom we have to thank for that? Lauren McAlexander. OK, maybe some other people, too, but we know her and the hard work she did, so she's the... read more →
Nov 09
Jul 08

Creating colorful surroundings

It’s said that you should surround yourself with beautiful things. It inspires positive thinking and better attitudes. This is especially true when you work in creative industries. Although our schedules are flexible, we spend lots of time in our new homebase on Richland Street. Working in an office space is... read more →
Apr 19